Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal verbs are verbs that commonly combine with
another word, frequently a preposition. These combinations
have specific meanings, and the meaning is not always
Consider this sentence:

We have run out of coffee.

This sentence means 'we have no more coffee'.  So where
does the idea of running come in? If you know the answer,
send it to us!

Perhaps at some point in history, to say 'run out' made sense,
but it no longer does. There are many phrasal verbs like 'run
out' in the English language. The only reliable way to master
these combinations is to memorize them. You may want to
study some of the word lists of phrasal verbs as you prepare
for Praxis I. There are also games, flachcards and practice
to help you become more familiar with some common
verb-preposition combinations.
I'm just running out to
get more coffee!
Be Careful!
Not all
combinations are
phrasal verbs.
Sometimes they are
meant literally.
I'm running out of
Which of the sentences under the picture of the
running man contains a phrasal verb?
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