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Using these Activities
To play columns, draw a line between the
term and its definition by clicking on an item
in each column. There is an extra definition
in each game.
Concentration is a tough game - the phrasal
verbs and definitions are hidden under tiles.
Click on two at a time to find matches. You
can change the number of boxes in each
puzzle - the less boxes, the easier the game.
Flashcards are a time-honored method for
memorization. Click anywhere on a card to
see its back. To go on to the next card, click
'try again later'. Once you feel you've
mastered a card, click 'remove card'.
Matching is an easier version of
Concentration. In this game you also match
the phrasal verb with its definition, but the
tiles are face-up, so you can see all of your
Hangman is a spelling game, though in this
version you get to test your memory of
vocabulary words as well. You will see a
definition under a series of dashes that
indicates the number of letters in the word
defined. Click on the letters you want to try
as you guess the word. You get to make 5
mistakes before the bear lets go of its
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