Even if you are a native English speaker, one of the best
things you can do for yourself as you prepare for a
standardized test is to try to increase your vocabulary.
English is a rich language; it is filled with synonyms (words
that mean the same thing) and near-synonyms. The more
words you are familiar with, the more comfortable you
will be as you take Praxis I.
Imagine you are taking the test and you come across this
writing question:

Mike, a naturally garrulous and talkative man,
A                                       B
became quiet upon encountering his
C                              D
former professor.
No Error

If you do not know that garrulous means talkative,
chances are that you will not realize that this sentence
contains a redundancy - it is saying the same thing twice,
which is always an error in Praxis I.
Increasing your vocabulary will help you with the reading
and math tests as well; actually, increasing  your
vocabulary will help you in your professional and social
lives as well!
I strongly recommend the
Free Vocabulary Builder
program from http://number2.com, a free website that
offers help for other tests. The software in this program
automatically adjusts itself to your vocabulary level.
Vocabulary Builder
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